AIIR : FireFly

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With it's fiery looks and uncompromising quality, the AIIR: FireFly steps up as our new top model for training at home!
It's thicker and wider than the original HOME models, and gives you plenty of space to train in a safer way. With a width of 150cm and a thickness of 20cm, it stands out from most competitors in the "AirTrack-market" Double seams makes it solid and more rugged and guarantee the product to last longer than most AirTracks.
About the production

The AIIR-products are manufactured on order. The process is done with the greatest precission and by the most experienced craftsmen. AIIR products are designed in Norway and co-developed in close relations with one of the worlds largest and most professional producers of inflatable products located in Guanzhou, China.

Payment, delivery and tax

Please allow approximately 3 weeks for production, testing and shipping. We strive to deliver a top quality product, and will not cut back on any processes. Please be aware that a local tax may apply to the purchase of this product.
The shipper/freight company (Usually DHL, FedEx, UPS) will contact you before delivering your AIIR product. All transactions of the AIIR products are securely handled by PayPal or Stripe.